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The beginning

In lieu of wasting my summer, I decided to rekindle my love for writing and finish this piece I started a year ago on my tumblr page.
I called it ‘Lights’ but I can’t seem to remember why. Hopefully the creative juices will flow. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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Now I know the question we are all asking is why did you try to kill yourself Maggie?
Let me tell you, take a seat.

During my little ‘hoe phase’ I met Teddy. Now Teddy was nothing like the rest of the other guys. He cuddled after sex and made me…

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The familar blackness washed over me and for once, I was relieved to be taken away from the scene.

*beep* *beep* the sound of the EKG dominated the muffled voices in the background . I was too drained to focus on any voice so I closed my eyes and tried to…

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Girl, Broken.

My heart’s in shambles
“Don’t go there” they said.
So stubborn ; the very thing that’s bad for me, what I want.
And now I’m broken, broken beyond repair because…

‘ I told you so’ written all over their faces as I walk around with the pain all over me,…

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There’s something about darkness and quiet; it gives you time to reflect.

Engulfed by this darkness, I began to think about the moment you and I just witnessed. Sex changed everything between Jason and I. I became more emotionally attached, he, less. I…

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